“Shot Out” From The Album “Seven League Boots” Available As Single Release

February 12, 2016 – With their single “Shot Out”, Däumling will release an additional song from their upcoming album „Seven League Boots“. This ballad will be available for €0.99 and can be downloaded as of today, both on various services such as Amazon and iTunes, and on the website of the band (www.daeumling.org).

“Seven League Boots” will feature six songs with singer Steffi Messner and her voice inspired by classical music, as well as six instrumentals with Trance, Electronic and Motown music.

The album will be released on March 18th and can be ordered on the website of the band exclusively. The CD will be available for €12.99, with a running time of more than 50 min. The first single “Wings” has been released on January 22nd already.