Get “Seven League Boots” by DÄUMLING

March 16, 2016 – The album „Seven League Boots” by Däumling will be available as of Friday. The title of the album will follow the fairy-tale Hop o’ My Thumb (in German: “Däumling”). With “Wings”, “Shot Out” and “Last Line”, there have been three single releases already.

“Seven League Boots” will feature several songs with singer Steffi Messner and her voice inspired by classical music, as well as seven instrumentals with Trance, Electronic and Motown music.

The album can be downloaded both on various services such as Amazon and iTunes, and on the website of the band. The CD will be available for €12.99, and will feature 12 songs with a running time of more than 50 min.


About Seven League Boots

01  Trance Bear No. 1
02  Deep Flow
03  Reverse 70
04  Dance, Bunny, Dance!
05  Last Line (feat. Steffi Messner)
06  Chill Out!
07  Cruising
08  The Temple (feat. Steffi Messner)
09  Wings (feat. Steffi Messner)
10  Shot Out (feat. Steffi Messner)
11  Last Train for J.
12  Ganges


About Däumling

Olav Däumling does not only make music. He lives for it. Since his childhood, his fingers have been on the keyboard, and now they are on the mixing desk as well. For the songs on the album “Seven League Boots”, Däumling wrote the lyrics, and he has composed, arranged and produced all of them. For the new album, Däumling took several musicians on board, as well as singer Steffi Messner. She used to sing classical, so Steffi will be able to put her own and extraordinary stamp on the album.