Seven League Boots by DÄUMLING Can Be Ordered

January 22, 2016 – With the release of the first single called “Wings”, pre-sales of the album „Seven League Boots“ by Däumling will start tomorrow. In addition to singer Steffi Messner and her voice inspired by classical music, the album that will be released on March 18th will feature Trance, Electronic and Motown music as well as several ballads.

The first single release “Wings” will be available for €0.99, and it can be downloaded on the website of the band ( as of tomorrow. The album will be available for €12.99 and will feature 12 songs with a running time of more than 50 min.

Olav Däumling, head of the band, says: “With the sale of our album and the download of the single tracks, we will support Wings for Life, a foundation that funds research in finding a cure for spinal cord injury. So those who will buy the album will give something good both to themselves and to others.“

About Seven League Boots

01 Trance Bear No. 1
02 Deep Flow
03 Reverse 70
04 Dance, Bunny, Dance!
05 Last Line (feat. Steffi Messner)
06 Chill Out!
07 Cruising (feat. Steffi Messner)
08 The Temple (feat. Steffi Messner)
09 Wings (feat. Steffi Messner)
10 Shot Out (feat. Steffi Messner)
11 Last Train for J.
12 Ganges